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LIve Printing is the ultimate swag for Trade Show event activation Specialists

Imagine what it would be like to double your booth attendance at your next show… with one simple booth activation. Hosting a live printing event will increase your booth attendance and brand reach.men dial black replica rolex submariner vintage 5513 automatic 1520
Sales would skyrocket… you’d be able to increase your bonus… you’d feel secure that your client was ecstatic with the shows sales results… you wouldn’t have to spend weekends worrying about the performance of your booth… you’d finally be able to ‘switch off’ and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
live screen printing consistently sees a 300% increase in booth attendance.rolex milgauss fake vs real
The Line

The line at your booth catches the attention of the attendees.

The Spectacle

As guests’ approach, they are treated to a barrage of screens spinning and shirts flying.

The glorious leads

As guests wait in line you are afforded a rare opportunity to capture leads in exchange for their one of a kind custom swag.

live printing case studies

live screen printing activation
Live Screen Printing Case Studies

5 tips for a successful live screen printing activation.

Putting on a successful live printing activation does not have to be difficult. Follow these 5 steps to get the most out of your event. Tip 1 – Assemble your event info for a live screen printing activation proposal to be accurately assembled, your live printer needs to know the details of your event. the more information you provide up front the less back and forth required with your live

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live printing at trade shows
Live Screen Printing Case Studies

Live Screen Printing Case Study

Live Screen Printing Case Study How a diabetic syringe company leveraged live screen printing to generate huge sales at their trade show booth. Live Screen Printing case study Summary Alyson Medical, a medium sized diabetic syringe supplier; was shifting its marketing efforts away from the web, and into trade shows. After their second year Alyson they decided they needed to create a spectacle to generate more buzz around their booth.

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3 Super Simple Steps to activate Live Printing at your next event

live printing proposal

1. Proposal

Submit your event information, and we will assemble a comprehensive live printing event proposal, custom tailored to your specific activation needs. After approval we gather your art files and start prepping for your event.

live printing studio in 4 cases

2. Arrival

Our highly experienced print pros fly to your city with 4 small cases ready to activate in under 2 hours.
Our smallest studio can activate In a 5×7 foot space and crank out up to 100 items per hour

live printing at a corporate party

3. Print

We lay ink on hundreds of custom items per hour giving you the opportunity capture leads and sales for your client or company.


compact live screen printing studio

Compact Studio


  • 50-100 items per hour
  • One Print Pro
  • One six color press
  • Everything needed to activate and print

You Provide

  • One dedicated 15-amp circuit
  • One six-foot table
  • Min space requirements 6x8ft
full production live screen printing studio

Full Production Studio


  • 100-200 items per hour
  • Two Print Pros
  • One six color press
  • Everything needed to activate and print

You Provide

  • One dedicated 15-amp circuit
  • Two six-foot table
  • Min space requirements 8ftx10ft

Need more items per hour? We can activate multiple studios at your event to achieve the necessary output per hour

5 reasons to activate Monument Limited at your event.

  1. Our custom built studios have the smallest activation footprint in the industry. a small footprint allows us to activate in the smallest trade screen printing booths without tripping over staff and each other. our smallest studio can fit in a 7 by 5 foot area. Beat that competitors!
  2. Our entire trade screen printing studio packs into 4 small rolling cases, even in union cities; we are able to roll right in the front door of the convention without incident. 
  3. Although the studio is small, our output per hour is massive. The compact studio can output 50-100 pcs per hour, and our full production studio outputs anywhere between 100-200 pcs per hour.
  4. We offer six images per press at no extra charge. compare this to any other live printer in the industry… they only offer four colors. How is this possible? We custom built this press to our exact specs. Nothing else like it exists on the market.
  5. We don’t use out of state print vendors (Affiliates Shops). In theory this practice saves on travel expense.
    but it comes with a high level of risk to your event. You will have two different affiliate printers at each event, each with different equipment, and levels of experience. It’s like starting all over with a new vendor in each city. Our crew of experienced printers are trained to interact and bring guests in. Each printer activates hundreds of events a year so you can feel confident we will deliver a consistent reliable service

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