5 tips for a successful live screen printing activation.

live screen printing activation

Putting on a successful live printing activation does not have to be difficult. Follow these 5 steps to get the most out of your event.

live screen printing activation for trade show events

Tip 1 - Assemble your event info

For a live screen printing activation proposal to be accurately assembled, your live printer needs to know the details of your event. the more information you provide up front the less back and forth required with your live screen printing shop. Less back and forth mean less stress for you.

Gather the following information

  • Event address
  • Starting date of the event
  • Number of days you would like us print
  • Length of time for each day
  • Estimated number of guests
After you have this information submit fill out the form to get a live screen printing proposal
live screen printing activation

Tip 2 - Get art file specs up front to save time

Every live screen print shop will have a different number of available colors and different specs for the max print area.

Get this info along with your proposal so that you can easily share these specs with you art department. Nothing is worse than having to wait on an email response from your prospective live printer for something that simple. 

Tip 3 - Find out what you need to provide.

Every live print vendor will need you to provide certain things. the most common requirements are

  •  One to three 6ft tables
  • One dedicated 15 amp circuit per press.


Securing a dedicated 15 amp outlet with the convention center is crucial to properly curing the item. it is important not to plug anything else like laptops or monitors into the this outlet or you run this risk of popping a breaker. 

Live screen printing activations

Tip 4 - Book Your Event Date Early

Securing your event early guarantees that your event date is secure. Nothing is worse than getting a proposal, making plans, then waiting till the last minuet to secure the date, only to discover that all live printing companies are completely booked on those dates. Gather the info, get the sign off from the decision maker and pay the deposit to secure the date as soon as possible.

Tip 5 - Lead gathering tools

Nothing is more important at a trade show booth than getting as many opportunities for future business as possible. Live screen printing will 100% guarantee the traffic at your booth, but without an efficient method of gather guests name, email, and phone numbers. It will be a waste of time and money.

Mailchimp offers an app for ipad called Mailchimp Subscribe. this allow you to easily capture potential clients information and create client email lists. after the show you can create automated email campaigns and easily follow up with potential clients leading them closer to a sale. Nothing is more valuable to a business than a strong qualified email list. Start build that list now.

live screen printing activations for trade show booths

After you have payed you deposit with a reputable Live Screen Printing Vendor, You should be able to count on them. The best printers offer a guarantee that they will be there on event day with everything they need to activate and print for your guest. 

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Easy to work with, great work, and ahead of schedule. What's not to love?
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The crew and owner are super nice& very patient! And the shirts we ordered were awesome! Thank you!!
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This company has outstanding service! They stepped up after another unfortunate situation with a different co. With little turn around time, they met and exceeded our expectations! I would most definitely recommend this business! Thank you Monument Limited! Can’t wait to show off our custom shirts!
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