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Your event guests will go bananas for live screen printing...

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How live screen printing works.

Your guests give you their email, in exchange for a blank t-shirt to customize.

Screens swing and ink flows as we help your guest create an incredible, custom, ready to wear item.

Your booth is the talk of the show! Everyone at the event lines up to customize their own swag.

You Win!

Activation cost

We have a live screen printing option to suit any budget. It’s easy, affordable, and most importantly generates more leads than any other event activation. 

Your guests will post to Snap Chat and share on Insta Stories as they customize their swag imprinted with your company logo or private party.

Let us know about your event and we will set you up with the perfect live printing solution. 

How do I activate Live Screen Printing at my event.

  1. Submit your event info here to get a live screen printing proposal.
  2. Review and approve our live screen print proposal, and secure your event date.
  3. Provide your art files, and the colors and sizes of your t shirts 
  4. Before the event starts we arrive with our custom built 6 color press and everything we need to print thousands of custom items (Set up time takes less than 2 hours).
  5. Screens spin and t-shirts fly into your excited guests hands ready to wear ( Don’t worry about the mess, We are squeaky clean)

we have multiple live screen printing studios to choose from

compact live screen printing studio

Compact Studio


  • 50-100 items per hour
  • One Print Pro
  • One six color press
  • Everything needed to activate and print

You Provide

  • One dedicated 15 amp circuit
  • One six foot table
  • Min space requirements 6x8ft
full production live screen printing studio

Full Production Studio


  • 100-200 items per hour
  • Two Print Pros
  • One six color press
  • Everything needed to activate and print

You Provide

  • One dedicated 15 amp circuit
  • Two six foot table
  • Min space requirements 8ftx10ft

More useful info.

Our custom built print studio is simply amazing!

Each of our custom built live screen printing studios allow us to provide up to 6 single color images for your guest to choose from.
the other guys only offer 4 images per press.

Our studio is small, but the output is mighty!

Our custom built print studio packs into 4 small cases, and can activate in a space as small as 7x8ft. Yes our studio is small, but great things come in small packages. Our smallest studio can output between 50-100 pcs per hour. No other live screen printer can offer this.

We can pre-print your company logo!

In some cases you may want to pre print you company logo on the back, hem, sleeve, whatever, point is we can pre print your company logo to maximize output and brand awareness.

Lots of items to choose from

Not only can your guest customize a t-shirt, (t-shirts are by far the most popular and most desired item) but you can also customize other fun items totes bags, tanks, koozies, flags, bandanas. What ever you can think of. 


We can activate in any state.

Including but not limited to, Arizona, California, Las Vegas, Texas, New York, Chicago, and Florida

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Early bird special

Date availability is always limited!
Book your event 6 weeks in advance and get a free booth activation package

Pop up banner and table throw will be customized to your brands identity.