Streetwear T Shirt Printing

streetwear t shirt printing with fashion quality

Since our inception, Monument Limited had a singular goal… Produce prints that a brand could confidently sell to their customers.

How did you perfect the print?

Streetwear t shirt printing is a science and we have spent the last 6 years testing, mixing, producing, going back to the drawing board, mixing again, and testing. Years later we have found the formula!

Tips for ordering

Here is a tip. If you want to keep your costs low design everything in adobe illustrator. These files are the easiest to scale and we wont have to charge you any art set up fees with vector files. If you are not a designer find one. Craigslist upwork and fiverr has a ton of designers that will work for cheap and make graphics for you in adobe illustrator.

Another Tip. To keep costs down keep print locations down. Every print location you add is literally going to double your print price. I have tried to find ways to lower the cost on multiple locations. It cant be done because each new print location doubles the amount of time it takes to print your shirts.

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