How to Choose The Best Blank T Shirt for Your Live Screen Printing Event

Selecting the perfect tee for an event or print project can be overwhelming, considering the hundreds of options you have to choose from.

I have had my hands on hundreds of different brands and as i’m writing this I notice a pattern of recommendation. I typically recommend the same small group of garments from only a handful of manufacturers. The question is why? The best answer I can give is they have withstood the test of time.

Lets start by helping you understand specs located in the garment description. so that you can make an informed selection moving forward

breaking down a t shirts specs

Cotton thread Is available in three variations.

When browsing blank t shirts, a typical product page will be laid out in a similar fashion the the image above. Notice the garment specs to the right of the image. this is what we are going to break down for three different cotton garments starting with the cheapest and moving to the most expensive.

Carded cotton

  • Carded thread is the standard cotton thread used in most affordable tee shirts options including.

    • Gildan 2000 and 5000

    • Allstyle 1301.

    • If the description says 100% it is more than likely carded cotton.

  • Carded cotton thread is spun using the fewest steps allowing the garment manufacturer to pass the saving on to the consumer. Typically carded cotton tees will range in weight between a Medium Weight 5.0 oz to a heavyweight 6.1 oz tee.

Combed Cotton

  • Combing is a process that removes short cotton fibers and aligns longer cotton fibers producing a smooth, soft cotton thread. Combed cotton thread is used in most premium quality tees. Like the

    • Next Level 3600

    • Bella & Canvas 3001

  • Combing is the most expensive process of the three, many midgrade threads will skip combing and move on the ring spinning to save cost. If the description dose not say combed but says ring spun or spun it a medium grade cotton thread.

Ring spun Cotton

  • spinning is a process that thins and strengthens normal carded cotton thread or premium combed cotton thread. As the thread is twisted it creates a thinner smoother thread. This thinner thread allows for a tighter fabric weave increasing the print-ability and hand of the cotton fabric.

  • Most mid grade and high end garments use the ring spun process to produce a smoother print surface with a softer hand and feel.


  • Poliester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum, Its has many incredible properties that make it a favorite in athletic apparel. It has stretch doesn’t lose its shape, it doesn’t shrink, and since the fiber is not porous it does not absorb bacteria like cotton.


  • Most brands offer a line off blended garments that you can choose from, 60/40 cotton polyester fabric is made by alternating threads in the weave consisting of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. 
  • Blends are popular because they are less likely shrink, have a quick dry element, yet feel like cotton.
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