Screen Printing

Quality screen printing speaks for itself

Fashion quality Screen Printing

After years of experimenting with every ink brand and formula, we have developed a proprietary screen printing method that produces a print quality like nothing currently available.

Its not discharge and its not water based. Our custom process gives the print texture, but has a thin feel. We dont use formaldehyde to keep the print thin. Our prints are so smooth you can see the texture of the t shirt weave under the print. the crazy part is the print remains opaque

After we got this print process down, we were ready to bring it to the market. Now you can take advantage of our incredible prints. We focus on spot color printing, no simulated or cmky prints here. We specialize in spot color runs from 24-500 pc orders.

Smooth, crisp, bright, and vibrant printed garments are just a few clicks away.

fashion quality screen printing
screen printing tools of the trade

Wholesale T-Shirt Printing

Custom t shirts are the best marketing material you can get for your small business.

Business cards get thrown in the trash… 
T-shirts get worn by your customers.

Our special ink formula produces a print that can only be described as fashion quality.

Live Screen Printing Activations

Live Screen Printing generates more trade show booth interaction on-site than any other activation currently available.

Our custom built 6 image live screen printing studio allows us to activate and print hundreds of t-shirts per hour in a space as small as 5x7ft

We can activate in any city at any time. Short notice available.

live screen printing photos
logo design for screen printing

Logo Design

We will design a custom logo for your business, event, clothing brand, and family reunion.

Simple logo design service is FREE when you place a t-shirt order with us.

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We want to be your screen printing specialist.

Reasonably priced fashion quality Screen printing is the main goal for Monument. We provide the highest quality service and prints as affordable as we can. A good Screen print is the result of proper screen choice, press setup, and ink choice.  The problem most customers have when they get shirts made is that they know how they want it to look they just don’t know what type of ink they need to achieve the look they want. That’s where we come ink. we can help you get the look you are after.

We also implemented an Online Project Builder Now You can Build your own screen printing project without the need to call or text. Easy screen printed apparel orders are placed in just minutes. Create an account, place an order, review mock ups and we go to print.

How to choose a good Screen Printing Shop

There are Many factors that come into play when is comes to choosing the right screen printer. Every screen printing shop will boast that they have the best quality screen prints,truth is; quality will vary from shop to shop. Look for images or samples of past jobs. You might want to be able to visit the shop. Maybe you want to talk to you screen printer on the phone. 

Every T shirt printer is different and there is no one size fits all shop. Decide what is important to you then reach out to 3 or four screen printers get prices and see how you vibe with them. why would you go to a shop like custom ink that just farms the jobs out to local printers, when you can go to the source.

I Need a T Shirt Design

We can help you create the perfect design for your company or business. We offer a free logo design on all t shirt orders 24 pcs or over.

Pick a product

We have cultivated the best blank garments specifically for screen printing. They are available in our online here in our print project builder,

  1. Add you garment to your order
  2. select your garment colors and sizes
  3. add you print colors and locations
  4. place you order.

Or you can call and we can steer you in toward the best garment to fit your needs.

Talk to a real person.

Sometimes you just want to talk to a person. Maybe you are having any trouble or don’t want to use the free Project builder, we are available to help. If you have already created a design upload it in the quote form and we will create a mock up for you to approve before we print. Need a T Shirt Printer? We are located in Phoenix Arizona but we can ship nationwide.

Call 800 806 3518

Graphic Design

Our design are second to none we can help you create logo, t shirt graphics, streetwear design, even business cards, posters, and fliers. 

To get a design started we usually like to have a design brief to discuss and outline any ideas you have, and the direction and vision your have for the design and your business or brand.

Low resolution logo recreation

This is the most common type of design work we do. in most cases the business owner had a logo made years ago but has lost the file, so they go to the company website and right click save the logo image on the head. web graphics are compressed to load fast over an internet connection. they don’t have the resolution to print. This is where we come in you send us your logo and we recreate it in scalable vector format. Vector graphics don’t have pixels so you can scale them as big or as small as you need to. When we are done we will send you the file for future use.