T shirt printer Design, Garment Selection, and Print options


Get your custom graphic printed by a t shirt printing design in Phoenix AZ.

If you are looking to getting a graphic printed on a shirt and don’t know were to start then I am writing this post for you. The main objective of this is to educate you on the basics of printing and how you can minimize the cost and initial risk involved with starting a new clothing line. We will cover design options, garment selection and print options.


The most important aspect to consider is the graphic you will be using. As a Designer for the Screen Printing industry I always consider the color choices  in a graphic, the best rule is to try to utilize the fewest colors possible while still maintaining a dynamic graphic, this choice helps the printer and the client keep the overall cost down. this job brings up another consideration, if you are printing colors on a dark garment the print will require a white under base for the graphic. the under base requires a screen so it considered a color  if you used green yellow and blue you also have to add white to the colors so you now have a four color print. You may want to consider taking one of the colors out of the graphic to cut down on color expense.

Garment Selection

The garment you choose will have a huge effect on how the final print comes out. When you compare a simple white ink print on a Gildan 6400 and the same print on a Next Level 3600 the 3600 will have a rougher feel due to the loose cotton fibers on the garment that give it the signature soft feel. Many customers like to Discharge print the Next Level to keep the soft hand that the garment is famous for.  Take the feel into consideration when selecting your garment. and ask your printer to do a pre run sample so that you can get an idea how the final print will look on the garment you choose. if it is not what you are looking for you can discuss other options with your t shirt printer to see what will achieve the look you are after.

Print Options

There are so many options to consider in terms of printing. Plastisol ink is the standard printing ink that the screen printing industry has used for years, it is durable bright and prints well. This ink offers so many options, metallic, puff, high density, reflective, and many other choices offer limitless options. Another popular ink is water based ink and discharge ink. Water based ink is Eco Friendly and provides a soft hand feel on light colored garments. Discharge printing actually Removes the dye from the garments and replaces it with a color of choice. This ink provides a soft hand feel on Dark garments. This ink is difficult to print and is usually more expensive. talk to your t shirt printer and ask what they charge for discharge printing.



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