#30 Staying Motivated in The Screen Printing Business.

The Print Life Screen Print Podcast
The Print Life Screen Print Podcast
#30 Staying Motivated in The Screen Printing Business.

#30 Staying Motivated in The Screen Printing Business.

I think one of the biggest challenges in business is staying motivated
when you have hit a wall or your business growth or the skill you are working on has slow or stop altogether.

Any highly skilled person weather we are talking about and athlete, an artist, what mechanic, they have all experienced this problem, they have worked for years at something and inevitably they get to a sticking point, they stopped getting better, got bored or tired, and when they get there.
they may take a small break but they always get back after it, and they stick with it long enough to push through the wall and they become a true master. But lets keep in mind these are the 1%. We aren’t there yet but how to be become that?

First you have to recognize that you are going through this celling?
You might find your self struggling to work on a particular project or skill that needs your attention.
Most of the time a person will find this difficult if they feel the growth is slow or not producing the results they desire.
In the beginning it doesn’t bother you, you expect it.
But later on after that initial learning curve you may feel like you have reached you peak or you have learned everything you are capable of learning.
This is for sure a ceiling and a prime opportunity for you to get bored or loose motivation you may feel frustrated and not sure what to do next.
I think this first big wall and its what stops most people from moving forward with what ever they pursue. They have no follow through and don’t get me wrong I’m guilty of this. Everyone is, don’t let anyone fool, you. What you will find is that people that seem more motivated have just had more wins or have pushed through a few ceilings to get that win and once you get the first win its easier to get the second and the third.

What steps can a person take to get out of the wall and get back that upward trajectory?
You have to push through the thing that is beating you or boring you.
Take a step away for an hour, a day, a month, what ever you need if you lover the thing your pursuing you will find your self wanting to work on the project.
Another option is to force your self to continue to work on the skill, by setting aside a small amount of time on certain days of the week to push through that sticking point eventually you will click over.

When you get on an upward trajectory what can you do to keep the momentum going forward.
When it clicks and you are crushing it again. Keep the growth going by setting time aside to work. This should help you keep moving forward.

What should you strive for?
In my mind you should strive to be consistent. That is one of my biggest short comings, I get bored with almost everything.

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