Band T Shirt Printing is important for growth.

The music industry is a shark tank and only the strongest survive. A band can have the best production and the catchiest riffs but if they do not promote themselves they will find themselves struggling to create a buzz. This can ultimately make or break a band. band t shirt printing is great for band promotion, you can sell tee shirts, give them away with cds, and leverage social media personality’s to help promote your image and sound . Band t-shirt printing provides free publicity when a fan wears your t-shirt, they become a walking billboard for the band. In this article we will look at different types of Band t-shirt printing methods.

Screen Printing:

Band T Shirt Printing involves using a stencil over a mesh, where ink will only land in the desired area of the t-shirt. Screen printing has its advantages over other methods of other styles of printing, such as digital printing. Screen printing is very cost effective because the same stencil can be used multiple times on many different t-shirts. With screen printing the band can pick the exact print location, other methods of printing usually have a set location where the ink would be pressed into. Custom printing on shirts can be time consuming to set up the actual process but once everything is ready multiple t-shirts can be printed pretty quickly.

Digital Printing:

An alternative to screen printing is to use a t-shirt printer where a printer will actually print on the t-shirts in an automotive method. The benefits of using a t-shirt printer is that it will take less work in setup. Unlike a stencil a digital printer can print photo’s easier than a screen printer. Bands looking to display a lot of detailed images on their t-shirt should therefor look at t-shirt printing. A disadvantage of t-shirt printing is that ink can be costly and the colors are not as vibrant as screen prints.

Concluding, we see that bands looking to increase their fan base should advertise with t-shirts. Band t-shirt printing is commonly done with two different printing methods, screen printing and with a t-shirt printer. The benefits of screen printing is that it is a very cost effective method to print t-shirts whereas the benefits of using a t-shirt printer is that they are automated and require less work to get the t-shirt printed. No matter which method a band takes they will be on their way to increasing their fan base!

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