How to use live printing to bring guests to your booth and apply a basic sales funnel to cultivate leads and sales like never before​

Event activation specialist: Imagine you are a trade-show attendee for a moment. 

You enter the show excited to check out the new offerings from the best in your field. You need to gather information on new offerings, so you (or your boss) can make an informed purchase in the near future. It’s not like you want to be pressured, but you definitely don’t want to be ignored. 

But as you make your way down the first aisle, you notice the staff at the majority of the booths don’t seem to want to engage with you. Or anyone. In other cases, they’re so intensely involved with a single client, you feel you can’t interrupt. At other booths, staffers appear half-annoyed as they hand out brochures to passers-by. Or worse, they’re sitting down behind the display table, looking like they might attack you if you get too close. 

Now, you’re feeling like you won’t be able to find what you need. Why do I come to these things? you think. This is miserable!

live screen printing
live screen printing in austiin with monument limited

You are about to leave, when you notice a booth toward the back of the convention center. A nice line has formed, and it’s growing. What’s going on over there? 

You approach and see smiling, engaged staff at work, talking with people in the line. They jot a few notes about the guest, then ask what color and size they would like.

Color and size of what?

Then you see what the amazed guest also sees: A super-compact T-shirt printing apparatus. The guest hands the blank T-shirt to the print pro, explaining what they’d like to print on the bottom corner: “Can we do that?”

“Of course,” says the print pro. Like an aluminum octopus shaking hands with a human, the press spins and indexes. And the custom T-shirt is printed, cured and handed back to the guest, ready to wear. 

This booth is awesome; what company is this? you think. I’m getting in line. I want to know more.

If you’re an event activation specialist, your job is stressful!

To truly be a rockstar in the trade-show space, you must be able to convert attendees to leads, and into sales for your client. My goal is to help you create the best return for your client’s investment – with live printing!

The Five Secrets to Explode Trade Show Sales with Live Printing

1 – Have Line, Will Close

A line to your booth is an advertisement – it makes attendees take notice and investigate what’s going on. The line yells, We have something worth checking out! 

2 – The Opt-in Mechanism

The T-shirt hand-off is a great point at which to gather information on potential clients. They provide their name and email in order to get the shirt they want. You’ll enter the information into your database via a smartphone or tablet. Now, the sales follow-up process can begin. 

3 – The Irresistible Offer.

Create an irresistible offer for your clients, giving them an incentive to close right there at the booth. After you get their contact info, have a short, irresistible offer ready to go (use our worksheet to craft this offer). You’ll be surprised how many decision-makers will be there, in person, ready to make a deal. 

4 – The Lead

You were smart enough to have live printing at your booth; you’ll get clients’ contact info, and will even close sales there on the spot. But that doesn’t mean that other leads aren’t valuable. In fact, they could be some of the highest-value leads you ever acquire – they just might not have been ready to make a decision right then and there.

5 – Close the Sale

After the event, the people on your lead list will be primed and ready to hear from you. Services like Mailchimp allow you to capture the leads on-site with an ipad and craft follow-up emails that go out on a schedule of your choosing. You can build up slowly to a sale. These potential clients need to be nurtured. You have an opportunity to show them you are the best fit for their company with a series of value packed emails. Click here to learn how to craft a high value email blast.

But don’t be a burden to the potential client! Send them useful information in a plain-text email, along with an irresistible offer, and watch sales roll in.

Get the 7 secrets to create an irresistible offer.

Neighboring booths envy your sales.